Search Engine Optimisation

Increase your ranking and generate more traffic from search engines like Google.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the process of improving a website's ranking in the listings of popular search engines for certain keywords.

By improving the ranking of a website you attract more traffic which basically translates into more enquiries and sales!


We'll help you to create the content your visitors may be looking for when they land on your website.


We'll establish what your target audience searches for when looking for your services or products.


We'll provide you with monthly reports showing the performance of your keywords on Google.

On-Site SEO

We'll make sure your website is optimised for the established keywords.

Off-Site SEO

We'll help improve your website's authority and rank with Google by earning external links.


We'll make sure your website is developed using the latest industry standards so that Google can index and crawl your content.

Technicalities in more detail


We'll make sure your website loads and runs super quickly, providing a great user experience for your visitors.


We'll make sure your website works well on mobile and other handheld devices and passes Google's responsivity test.


We'll create an XML sitemap that tells Google precisely what pages and posts are on your website.


We'll make sure the Googlebot is able to access your robots.txt file and index and crawl your content.

What are keywords?

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords contain 4+ words and are very specific. The search volume is low but they are fairly easy to rank for.

Body keywords

Body keywords are 2-3 word phrases. The search volume is moderate and not very competitive so fairly easy to rank for.

Head keywords

Head keywords are single word keywords. They have an extremely high search volume and are very difficult to rank for.

On-Site SEO in more detail

Page titles

We'll create keyword optimised and descriptive page titles to encourage visitors to click from Google.

Meta descriptions

We'll create engaging meta descriptions that increase the click rate from your Google SERP listings.

Keyword placement

We'll include your target and related keywords within the header and body text.

Descriptive URL's

We'll create descriptive URL's that include your keywords to help improve your ranking on Google.


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