We will create the visual identity of your business and any assets you might need.

What can we design?


We can create brochures which are ideal for informational or marketing purposes.


We can create professional posters which grabs ones attention from meters away.

Business card

We can create business cards, in line with your business identity, to increase success rate within networking.

Wearable products

We can create designs for your business uniform or merchandise.

Social Media Assets

We can create a range of social media assets, like banners, post and profile images, and more!


We can create designs for your stationery needs, like note books, pens, stickers, and more.


We can create your sign designs.

Website assets

We can create a range of website assets, like background images, photos, icons and more.


Is there something specific you're looking for, but is not listed here? Contact us now and we can help.

What we offer

Branding is an essential, but costly service which startups sometimes can not afford. We have the ideal package for startups and new businesses, which develops the basic visual identity and brand direction of your business.

Market research document

We will do research into brand direction, story and positioning, as well as visual identities of your competitors. This also includes product/company name, if you need one.

Range of logos

You can choose your final brand logo from a range of digitally developed variations.

Typeface styles

You will be advised on most suitable typeface styles and variations in coherence with your brand identity.

Colour palette

You will be given a unique colour palette which suits your brand identity the most, including their respective colour codes.

1 asset of your choosing

You will be able to choose one brand asset (see table above for guidance).

Quick turnaround

We usually deliver this package within 5 working days.


Get in touch and find out how we can help your business thrive online.